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Those of you who follow my blog and ministry over the years have probably noted I've said almost nothing about my current place of ministry at The Meeting House on my blog. I do post MANY more comments on what's happening on my facebook and twitter accounts. But the blog is not a place of reflection on my ministry at TMH, nor TMH's ministry vision, my experiences here, etc.. Ministry with people in general, yes! My ministry and thoughts, absolutely - only in that sense would there be "cross-over."

That has been intentional on my part because being new to the organization means I really don't have a full view, nor have the voice(to be faithful to my position in TMH) to speak on behalf of TMH. As a result of this, regarding any specifics you won't find them here.

So if you are looking for great Meeting House perspectives, want to know more, the best thing I can say is to HIGHLY encourage you to check the website: - tons of great resources. (You will note that any posts on this blog about TMH are a re-direct to the TMH links).

Obviously in a site-lead pastor capacity I can speak to some of that - and most particularly spiritual-direction in following Jesus!

In general (meeting house wide) because I am not senior leadership in this structure I leave all the other stuff in our leadership team's well trained hands ;-). In fact regarding teaching Bruxy welcomes email and BBM - so don't let that opportunity pass if you really curious about something at TMH!

So please check out the teaching, q & eh?, and other links on TMH site and enjoy! If you're in Toronto - come drop by our site in High Park or schedule a coffee/meet-up I'd love to hear your story!

And remember this: READ THIS FIRST about my personal ministry and leadership blog>

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