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Canadianisms #3


Words - it's all like the Northern Plains until you run across (guestimate) some 35-50ish words where spelling, some pronunciations, and simple use is very different.

Word of the week that boggled me: keeners. Was in an email someone sent me. I kinda got it from the context - but then looked it up to be sure. It's a variation on "keen" which is used rarely/occasionally in Northern Plains speak.

Google "officially" lists it as Canadian English or Canadian slang:

plural noun: keeners

1. a person who keens for someone who has died.
2. Canadian informal
a person who is who is extremely eager, zealous, or enthusiastic.
"keeners who spent most of high school buried in homework"

It is also an adjective...

Don't even get me started about *smile*:
(I was asked by a new friend how do I spell "color/colour"? I answered: "the correct way" and left it at that. ;-)

UPDATE - a friend had this on his FB wall:

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